Sunday, April 15, 2018

unreleased song Mean To Me

click on link to listen to song

Going thru the vaults and found this unreleased tune, written with Andy Collins and Tim Hamill. Al from The Storys played as well as Christian Phillips, Pete Thomas and Timo.
Mean To Me...enjoy!

S x


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sonic One Sessions proudly welcomes Steve Balsamo

Sonic One Sessions proudly welcomes Steve Balsamo as the featured artist in this episode. Steve sings 'Sing Your Soul Back Home' live in the studio, accompanied by Andy Collins on bass, and Sonic One Studios founder Tim Hamill on guitar. Plus a chat with Max about all things past present
and future!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Blood is blood teaser - Steve Balsamo

Dear friends...
I'm wondering if you can help please? I'm getting some ideas together for video for a song on a solo e.p I'm planning.
It's a song about fathers, and I was thinking of including pictures of friends (and those who dig my music) with their fathers. It can be a recent picture, or an old one.
I know that this can be a complicated issue, as some have tough relationships or no relationships with their parents. Some people have never known their dads, so if that relates to you and you feel you'd like to be involved, please include adoptive or stepfathers, father figures or guardians.
You can post on this thread, or direct message me here, and please include your name and your father's / guardian's name, and if you can remember, where it was taken.
If you do, I'll take it that I have permission to use any photographs.
Check out the Blood Is Blood Video Idea pictures for some of my (Addams) family shots!
A million thanks in advance.
Steve x

Friday, October 27, 2017

Andy collins on Janice Long on BBC Radio Wales october 26 2017

Andy Collins had a great session, played two songs live and chatted with the very lovely Janice Long on BBC Radio Wales this eve. I tagged along, and talked about how great his new album is, along with my other love, soft furnishings. Listen again at 1hr 17 mins in

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

NEW ALBUM Andy Collins oct 6 2017
Hiya all, I'll be a guest with a fabulous new young choir, Allegro, tonight at 7pm St David's Church, Neath.
I'll be doing a few songs, a couple I haven't done in a long while. Rhian Lloyd taught me at Neath College many moons ago, is the choir arranger, and is great! We are doing a Jon Lord song, Pictured Within, and for those in the know, it ain't a walk in the park to play, but Rhian plays it beautifully.

If you're about please pop on down. It's only £7 and in aid of
For tix-07496 628 488 X

Here's me rehearsing one of ours... good job too as I still don't know the words!

click on link to watch video