Thursday, March 5, 2015

new 2015 introducing-balsamo-deighton

What’s your name(s)?
Steve Balsamo and Rosalie Deighton
Where do you come from?
Steve is from Swansea. Welsh mother, Italian father from Venice.
Rosalie is from Yorkshire but born in Holland. Indonesian mother, English father, Dutch nationality.

What are you currently plugging?
We’ve made an album together (do they still really exist??) called Unfolding.
Tell us about it in one sentence.
A country-ish, folk-ish, rock-ish album full of great tunes and lovely harmony singing.
Define your sound…
Emmylou Harris calls it ‘the rub’…we think we’ve got it.
What song are you most excited for people to hear?
All of them but if we had to choose one, we’d say ‘Ghost Of Me And You’. It’s an atmospheric love song, and we’ve added a ‘real’ captured ghost voice in the final mix!
Who are your most common comparisons?
Any boy girl duo…Gram Parson and Emmylou Harris, Plant and Krauss, Cash and Carter, Peter’s and Lee, Dollar, Rene and Renata (Steve is the latter).
What does success mean to you?
Making anything artistic in today’s world is a success.
What is your ultimate goal?
To have a successful album, allowing us tour all over the world and ending up in Nashville to make the follow up.
And in the short term?
As above…!
Finally, tell us one thing about you that you have not mentioned in an interview?
Steve – I frequently cry at DIY SOS. I love Nick Knowles (Rosalie loves him too…)
Rosalie – I can make my right ear squeak.

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