Thursday, April 17, 2014

FORGET Abbey Road - Swansea band The Storys have chosen a little-known Llanelli studio to cut their new album.

 The six-piece outfit have decamped to the Sonic One Studio in Llangennech for their first stab at laying down material for their third album.

 The band was formed in 2003, with Steve Balsamo at the helm, playing a '70s West Coast-influenced country rock style. They have quietly built up a large fan base, which includes some major stars with Elton John personally calling the band to say how much he loved their debut album.

The move saw them support the rocket man at his Liberty Stadium gig last summer.

They have recently returned from touring Europe and headed straight into the studio owned by Tim Hamill, himself a musician of note as part of Mal Pope's band the Jacks.

 Steve said: "I've known Tim for almost 20 years, he used to have a studio in Kidwelly, but opened this place in 2005. It's a superb set-up and Tim is a great engineer, producer and a great guitarist. "It's very inspiring when you work with someone as fantastic as he is. The ideas just flow and he is so quick to put them down, it makes it an absolute joy - sometimes it can be like pulling teeth when you work with people who don't know what they are doing. "I have been all around the world and Tim is as good as anyone I've seen. It's also nice to keep it local."

Although a completion date has yet to be set, the band are likely to try out some of their new material in a special concert in the Brangwyn Hall, Swansea on February 26. "We will be showcasing it at the Brangwyn Hall gig - whatever songs get the biggest clap on the night will be going on the next record," the singer joked.

The Swansea gig will give the band's fan base a chance to meet the newest member, who, as Steve says, adds a touch of glamour to the line-up.

 "Unfortunately Dai Smith left the band last year, but has been replaced by a fantastic singer songwriter called Rosalie Deighton who has toured as a support act with the band over the last couple of tours," he said. "She really adds to our sound, she's a fantastic singer and a signed songwriter. Apart from the glamour, her fantastic voice brings great harmony. She really enhances the Storys

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